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Hello Florida........

Finally, hit my favorite month of the year cause I always manage a few weeks down to the Melbourne/Palm Bay/Cocoa Beach and Sebastian
areas so I can move some sand around! Been "slim pickings" the last two years.....guess you guys are getting a lot better at cleaning it all up
prior to my arrival?? However, the good news is that it really doesn't matter cause I just enjoy walking the beach and low tides, sloshing in
the waves and meeting lots of new faces. Inevitably I bump into many other hunters, but all just wave and move along, guess they're afraid
I might find something meant for them?? LOL

Leaving on the 30th and have until the 20th of next month to find my riches!! I know there's a "reale" or "escudo" cob laying there waiting
for me......I just have to walk over that 2 inch swatch of sand.....I mean, how much sand can there be out there??

In any event, I shall wave to all who venture near and enjoy the early mornings with the gulls and seabirds. I have three weeks to find my
treasure.....or perhaps, I just did.......

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