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Gold and plastic gold...

Today was a lake hunt. It's been drained a few years. Hit a new area and it started producing again. Best was a silver post and a 14k earring. Stones are good but small.

Yesterday was a beach hunt. Heavy flooding from rain and wind. I'll just say the ground wasn't the only thing saturated!!! Hey,you hunt when you are able even in brutal conditions! It was in the upper 60's and the beach was empty. Rare conditions for this time of year. Targets were heavy! Only got 2 silver earring backs but did get 312 coins. The first 15 minutes gave up a 2017 season beach badge. I think they charge like $5 a day to get on the beach so I call this "plastic gold". My mother is a senior but likes to go the beach a few weekdays in August so now it's free for her. It can be used for 5 more weeks so if I can get out maybe add some real gold finds using it. I know the badge can be bought but it sure is more fun to find one! Enjoy,HB

Saturday: targets and sand from pouch. Maybe like 10-12 lbs.

Pouch finds washed off

Sunday lake finds

Smalls but silver and gold from both days

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