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Slowing getting to my 2017 goal...

Trying for 100 total gold pieces. Most are earrings as it seems they are the only gold "rings" I can find. I've only been to the beach 3 times in July. Summer is pretty much my off season. Come September-November is when I use my vacation and I put a lot of time in. Anyway the last 2 beach hunts have been decent. All 3 gold earrings are 14k and come to 3.4 grams total. The last hunt I got 1 of the gold earrings and a silver ring. I thought the ring was a flower maybe a rose. I put it in the pouch fast without really looking. I get home and see it's really a Jolly Roger pirate thingy going on...nice surprise. So these 3 earrings put the gold count to #73-#75 for 2017. Not there yet but trying! HH,Harry

Silver and gold last 2 hunts

Cool silver ring

Hunt #2

Hunt #3

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