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This next post is only for the pouchless guy detecting our beaches.

Being a firefighter had to work yesterday, got off work at 8 am too late to head to the beach, so i know the issue with this new detecteorist that does`nt take his trash i`ve seen a few times befor only this year did he upgrade to a scoop, i saw him last year and gave him some advice that to get more targets he should buy a scoop, his response to me was` this is how i do it`,,,so i walked away sad he was not receptive. Anyway fast forward to this year now he hunts dry and wet sand and has no pouch, leaving holes and trash after him. After work at 8 am i drove to my local home depot and bought this guy a cloth nail pouch only 97 cents. So next time i see this trash leaver, i will offer it to him. Sadly it only takes one BAD apple to ruin detecting for all of us. We used to have a good reputation of leaving the beach cleaner after we left it. this one young man can get all of us banned from detecting the beaches. Being a fireman and talking to Mark about this guy i talked to a Police officer buddy of mine and he told me next time i see the trash leaver to flag down a local cop as they patrol continuosly the beaches and explain the issue to the officer, and the cop can issue the trash leaver a $100 Ticket for littering, if this guy does not buy a pouch and start taking his trash i will tell the police about him. I personally dont want to be banned from detecting our beaches because of one lazy guy that just does not seem to understand what this hobby is about. Sorry for the long post, just trying to do some good here, The basic first rule of detecting, Fill your holes, and take the trash, it`s in the garret AT-Pro handbook for heavens sake! HH and Good luck to the rest of all the good detectorists out there. Matt

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