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4 for 4, Ring Daddy #51

I only had a few hours today because of work but the streak continues. I ran into the pouch less man today , I guess he reads the depot because he was not happy! When he saw me he pulled the classic rookie move of getting in the water 15 yards ahead of me , so I went up on shore and got 15 yards ahead of him on a large beach, turned and asked him how does he like it! I again asked him if he would get a pouch and remove his trash and his answer was" I don't give a #####" Once again you just can't fix stupid! If you are from Chicago and see this guy please try and talk to him I removed several large pieces of trash he left right next to the hole he dug , he is going to get us kicked out with this bad behavior! He is a younger guy who speaks with a heavy European accent! He is the guy who is not wearing a pouch , he likes oak st beach and north ave beach ! Thanks Mark

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