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Holy Flying Cats !

True, ... There's nothing like other hunter's experience to fall back on, BUT "Miles of wire pieces that fall thru the scoop"? C'mon guys ... MAGNET inside scoop ! And throwing your own ring on the beach for testing? Aiiiieeee Carumba ! ALWAYS tie a sturdy line (parachute cord) to your rings for easy retrieving. I've witnessed a guy bragging about "Depth" & tossed his wedding band into a "3 scoop hole" into the in-coming surf to show-off ! You Got It ... NO body's detector could hear it ! Lost ! Pulse? Patience ! Not for peeps that can't dig hundreds of times per hunt ! Yes, stunning depth, but at a price. As Spock might say...Go Slow & Prosper ! Remember, You are seeking the deepest beeps...Very faint signals are often Gold, Platinum, & other Heavy items. Good Luck out there!

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