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Wonder what happened to Capt. Tom ?

I apologize to everyone on the forum for not contributing, whether its for not replying for all the great finds everyone posted, or for not finding but one little ring so far this year. Yes, I want to make amend by saying that a good friend of mine in Florida is going to help make up for my absents. He will be under a profile name of, "Beach Bubba", and as of January 1, 2017 he has found 6 gold rings that meet the necessary requirements for the Ring Daddy page. I must admit that I'm the pirate that got this gentleman hooked on detecting. I more or less picked his machine, (that his wife gave him for Christmas last year) and thanks to our friend Felix @ Fisher Labs. she was able to get a great deal on his CZ-21. Needless to say, he has excelled in the process of learning threw my "All so many text messages", and yet not quite ready for the computer/ sizing/posting/ just yet, I wanted to help him and myself, by adding those 6 lovely rings to the ring daddy page. Their is also a sad part to this post, and it's that my wife has been very seriously ill and required a serious operation and after 3 weeks in I C U and another 1 week in the hospital, she's finally home. But its going to be quite sometime before I really get back out hunting like I use too. She need me with her now more than ever before. Enough about this! Beach Bubba is going to fill in for me, and as things return to normal, I'll be back!!! CTS Yes, this is my long time friend, now living in Florida and well on his way of becoming a known Pirate by us all! The ring below is 14K and found on lower slope, weighted 6.4grams, This is my favorite, we'll call it RD #1. I'll post the other 5 rings as soon as I size them. Jim, I hope this is being done correctly, and please excuse me if its all wrong. I just couldn't figure out how to create a profile and name, since I already existed???? I'll add his profile and his E-mail to you real soon, as I feel they are of the upmost importance. We all like to know who we're communicating with., I do anyway.

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