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Ring Daddy #4...Cockroaches on the Beach

What’s up with all the shootings in MB? Pretty simple. If you don’t like someone you shoot them. New record; 8 shootings in 48 hours. Lots of folks have cancelled their vacation plans.
Beach conditions for the last two days were better than expected. Huge amount of sand on the beach (and they are still going to renourish) but there were some washouts on the lower beach and a fair number of targets. Everything is new drops, nothing old. The sinkers have sharp angles and the coins look new minted. One little silver ear ring with a opal…pretty little thing.

TS Cindy has brought us lots of gray skies and some rain and a bit of thunder. Yesterday they pulled everyone out of the water when it thundered 15 miles away. Lost half an hour piddling around at mid-beach.
Today more gray skies and some heavy rain that stung. Most everyone took cover as yet another swath of rain came down the beach. I kept swinging. I get a scratchy signal and send the scoop into the sand. An airhole opens up about the size of a quarter. Huh. I push the scoop at another angle and begin to pry up something. Then I see it; a big horseshoe crab that was buried in the sand. That was a first.
A bit further down the beach I found Jesus!! I think I hit Jesus with my scoop.
Jesus is all bent out of shape. No, I didn’t find the chain. Still raining big monster raindrops. Then I get that signal, “I know what this is.” Yeah, Baby!
And a few minutes later I find a triple ring that came in high and I was pretty sure it was silver.
Pooosch. One of the covered up storm drains had enough water behind it that it broke though and spewed putrid, nasty, dammed up water down the beach. Eeeww! I’m gridding on one side of this area and I spot a cockroach and then another, and another. There are live cockroaches all over the beach. They were residing in the storm drain until they got pushed out onto the beach. I saw maybe 30 in a two block stretch. Another first.
Here’s the mess. Probably only the second 8 ounce sinker that I’ve found.

Ring #4

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