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Yep, June Bugs, Air Show, Firemen's Convention and fresh drops in the dry. Expectations are high........
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the reality is hunting the Northern Territory takes patience, fighting those little waves this week and knowing the beach. Yes it is rough out there but there are techniques, times of year and it starts with machine selection for the conditions.

Right now I am suggesting you focus on the western shore with the rest of the Maryland crew. Respectfully, what you are finding and posting is not uncommon in this area and for this time of year. I like to see gold! That's it. If this sounds a little short fused I apologize. We are inundated with Adam Henry's drinking, drugging, shooting, fighting, raping, you name it all because they left their brain on the west side of the bridges. Locals are concerned by the behavior of these "tourists."

Becareful as that late of night there are boys from the hood looking for an easy score. That late at night this time of year is just asking for trouble. Just pick up the local fishwrappers to get a taste as to what is going on. Sad situation but we live in the "Free State" and you are not free to protect yourself the way I feel you should be able to protect yourself. Just ask my neighbor down my street who was tazed, punch in the right side of his face and robbed while walking home on our street. I was sleeping less than 100 yards away and could not do a thing about it. The suspects are Not local. I can assure you that, rumor has it transients from B-more proper called the ghetto?

I spent four years is B-more and graduated from college. Thirty years ago I had a great time in my life and was not bothered living in "Charm City" as long as I could pay my rent. I moved to the Northern Territory because this is where I wanted to live, get married and raise a family. Most of that is down the toilet now but I am going to died here one day on my terms.

Send my a message and leave your number, I will help you out. Good luck!. OC COP

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