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Hunt at OC , Sunday& Monday

First 20 minute's I get a small ring in my scoop! Turned out to be gold plated brass(?) 88 coin's , nothing old or silver. Did find a 2003 Belize $1 coin, with Queen Elizabeth II ! Got a gold(?) & diamond (cz) stud earring that keep falling thru scoop, driving me nut's trying to find it. I'm convinced people are leaving the good jewelry at home/hotel. Shoulda found several nice ring's, or bracelet's,or chain's,or pennant's , or earring's, with all the coin's & trash I found. A lotta can's& foil. Make's me very angry when people leave their trash on the beach, when there are trash can's every 50 feet or so! This was a dry hunt only, wave's were too rough, maybe i'll have better luck searching the wet sand & in the water. I hunted from 6:30pm to 2:30 am Sunday into Monday. Monday from 6:00 to 8:00pm, storm was coming, only found 3 quarter's, a few dimes, pennie's& nickel's& large cheap brass earring on the surface.

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