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Mondays hunt gold and silver!

We have had temps in the 90`s this past weekend and the beaches were crowded, the water is finally warming up and people have begun going int the water. So i decided to get up early and go fresh drop hunting at one of the
most popular beaches. First decent find was the silver ring, an hour later the charm bracelet, a while later a pair of raybans in decent shape. but after about 5 hours i could`nt stand the boredom any more so i decided to hit an older beach we have had luck at in the past. I found a small area with rocks near shore and a few crusty coins and i was surprised to find a buffalo nickel, a few minutes later out popped a gold class ring 8.6 grams with a name inside. I want to try to find the owner, but being a 2016 grad, i remember the horror stories of ring returns to ungrateful and thoughtless people so i`m torn at what to do. I did research the ring cost 650$ to the owner and 10K melt price is only 145$, so truly i don`t want to go the effort of locating the owner, only to be told thanks a lot heres my address mail it to me, thanks good bye, etc.. I know i will do what i think is the right thing and return it and just hope for the best, sorry for rambling but the stories of rude people that get rings returned and don`t appreciate the effort we go through bugs me a lot.. HH and good luck to all, Matt

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