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No ring daddy, but an honor role return.

On June 3 2014, I came across a post that someone lost a ring in a park. I figured I'd lend a hand and try to help out. As I pulled up to the park I noticed signs posted on each garbage can.

I decided to snap a picture to make sure that I had the contact information, in the case that I found it.

There was a general location in the post on where the ring may have been lost. So I gridded off the area, and with no luck I cross gridded the area. Still no luck, so I decided to grid off the entire park to make sure.

It took about 45 days to cover the whole area, but still no luck. I figured someone probably found it.

So over the next 3 years I've been hitting this same park randomly hoping I might stumble on it. Well last week, I stumbled on a ring, once I popped it up and saw the color, I new it was the one.

I dug up my old photos and shot a text message to the first number on the poster. I asked if this person lost a ring a few years back, and received a surprised "yeah" back. About a half hour later I received a phone call from the wife. She was very excited to hear that I found her husbands ring. I sent her a picture of the ring and she confirmed, that indeed it was the one.

I got ahold of the husband and made arrangements to meet up tonight and return the ring.

Here's the ring that's been lost.

Here's a picture of Aaron and his ring back. Aaron is originally from Utah and getting his PHD at the Ohio State University.

Apparently the ring flew off playing ultimate frisbee, and the wife wasn't too happy.

Another picture of the return.

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