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A great day (my best ever?), but left wondering what could have been....

Without getting into a lot of details, I hit a virgin spot today and entered the lake at a spot that I thought was public property. 4 hours into the hunt a guy drives up in an ATV and starts screaming at me to get off his land. At this point I am knee deep in water. I explain that I entered the lake at a public access spot and walked (in the water) to this old beach spot. I pointed to where I entered the lake and he said I had an outdated info. Upon returning home, I find out he is right. The whole lake (and the historical beach on it) is now in the hands of this guy. I'll own up that I was in the wrong here, but the way he came at me was unsettling. I honest thought he might shoot me.

Here is he killer. I started my hunt right at the shore and was working out parallel to the beach. I only got to my knees when I had to leave. I don't know about you guys, but my favorite 'zone' is from the knees to the belly button. I hadn't even gotten to the prime spot yet! I'm left wondering how many more rings are in that spot....and how in the hell I can get my way back there. 8 gold rings. a gold earing and a gold medallion.

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