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SB, Emergency ordinance was passed today........

Northern Territory City Council today Saturday held a meeting and passed an emergency ordinance banning the display of the "breast feeding portion" of the female anatomy. Signed by the Mayor! I was there at the end. Seems that in the Northern Territory (NT) one specific female who claims equal protection under the Maryland Constitution to go bare-chested like men on the beach? Play on words bare-chested as I did not make that up. She wants to push her lifestyle on an already strained top notch beach community. The Attorney General for Maryland has had almost a year to answer the legality of topless and has failed to render a discussion. See he lives in Montgomery County and can't see the Northern Territory from his house but this is the same guy who would ban guns, allow illegals get a free educations on the taxpayer's dime or allow ........ better stop there. Sorry Larry!

Yes there have been topless bathers in the past. They keep to themselves and don't push their belief on others. They don't run up and down the beach trying to get their pictures posted on the internet. Only when there was a complaint was there an issue. In the hundreds of hours trolling the surf I can count on one hand the number I have seen in the NT in the dry sand. Yet I don't spend much time in the dry, only to help others out. Now out in the surf it is a different story. When your out their bobbin in the ground swell those waves will test the limits of a string bikini.

I am glad you posted. Don't want to draw anymore looters than all ready hammering the NT. Topless is illegal and subject to a municipal infraction if compliance to cover up is ignored. I don't have a dog in this race as I don't care what a women wants to do. However, for my children and the families that visit each year. Forget it go back to their hometowns and lay in their own park half naked. They will not do it at home, why do it here in the NT.

Now if you want to see topless then take your gear to the Yucatan Peninsula as I have seen more topless there than anywhere in the US. Well maybe in Daytona during Bike Week but that is on private property with all adults. GL

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