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Today & Wednesday hunts. Ring Daddy #16 & #17

I went to my favorite beach Wednesday. The water is getting back to normal level and I was able to get out to the deeper area by the safety ropes which are gone. I can tell where they were because they were held in place by cables to large concrete blocks on the bottom of the lake. I was hunting right next to one of the blocks and got a nice low tone. After several minutes of digging up came a 10k ring with a red stone, 2.1 grams. I checked very carefully around the block and got another nice low tone. This one was much deeper and right against the block. I dug for quite a while and was tempted to give up. Finally I was rewarded with a 10k signet ring 4.6 grams. I checked around the block some more but only found 2 beach tags.
Today I went to a state park close to home that I've had some luck at. I was digging plenty of newer coins and then I found a heart stopper. In the scoop the ring looked great with 5 nice stones but when I pulled it out it didn't look right. It turned out to be a heartbreaker. Its marked 925 and is gold plated....

The heart breaker

Ring Daddy #16

Ring Daddy #17

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