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Wind is only part of it...
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We can have winds less than 10 mph and have giant swells that come from a hundred miles away. We also have no viz or shall we say less than a foot. Renourishment brought in lots of sediment that is stirred up constantly. Its like swimming in a chocolate milkshake. And at certain times of the year, when the baitfish migrate through, hundreds of sharks and blues will be slashing at anything with a heartbeat. Actually, it is pretty spectacular to watch the sharks, mostly small three footers but occasionally a ten footer, jumping clear of the water.
Everyone has a different definition of workable conditions. I probably won't be in the water if my headphones are being ripped off my head or a rogue wave picks me up and flips me upside down or I'm screaming underwater or constantly being run into by kids on wave boards or the surface of the ocean is rippling with acres of baitfish or in August when thousands of jellyfish are in the water. Other than that, I'm good to go. :thumbs

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