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Windycitysidekick ... I guess after this post, I am going to have to modify the Northern Territory Gold Crew Logo........ :wall :wall :wall :wall :gr

I agree with Casper's comments below. There are better machines than others for certain conditions. The experience, attitude and patience of the operator make all the difference in the world with what ever machine a person may choose to purchase and use. No hidden secret here as my brutal use, wear and tear on the Fisher CZ21s and their performance have kept me a loyal customer and user. In that rare occasion I might send a CZ21 machine in, I have NO doubt it is coming back right and in a timely manner. I have kinda kept my mouth shut too about the Excals. I have a lot of friends on this forum and in my community that are Excal users. I will not offend any of them for their choice in machines. To each his or her own choice. So Mot it Be for my masonic buddies.

Mark you have forced me to recreate the legendary "Northern Territory Gold Crew" tee shirts in the future. Thank you for making me think out of the box in my old age !!!!! I love you brother. :fty :d

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