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Minelab is a machine I've never tried, but

now, with all the repair problems I keep hearing about, I seriously doubt if I'll ever try one. Many of you all have proven they are great machines when they're working, but, they don't hold up long enough apparently. Maybe if they "Some day in the future" get things in order, maybe I'll try one out. I imagine, by that time their will be even better machines. In the mean time, I'll just stick with my 3, CZ-21s, my 1, White's PI Surf Master, my 2, CZ 6-As, and my 1, Tesoro Stingray. plus my "Retired "super old Whites 6db's (3), and old 4db's.(3). And their still operating, just prefer the newer machines. They found many a treasure in their day!!! I hope the best for you Minelab owners, Oh yea, OBN might open a repair shop if his quota doesn't improve. "Just Kidding" Those people DownUnder could learn a lot from Joe!!!!!! To all, stay safe and well. CTS

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