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Here Is The Best I Can Do Mark

I spoke at length with Debbie Smikoski "Business Development Director North America" at BONE 24 last weekend as she was there representing Minelab. I expressed the frustration of my fellow pirates here on the Depot and locally for the inexcusable repair times. All warranty repairs take precedence at Kellyco and the way I understood it, 3030s take precedence over excals and so on. Arizona now has a repair facility for non-water machines because they're not yet equipped with pressure tanks "on their way". The biggest problem has been getting the engineers over here from Australia to train repair techs (in the works) for a Pennsylvania repair facility. I'm happy to share contact info if you send me an email, I'm just not comfortable posting it on this venue. She knows the frustration you all are feeling and she is doing all she can to correct the issues. Let me know if you need to take it to the next level Mark. HH

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