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For the love of all things good, Please help me !

I have been trying to stay away from this Minelab subject but I am going out of my mind! Sent my excall 2 in January 18th and was all excited to hear from Marty in the repair dept. last week that the machine was fixed. He told me that I would receive a call from billing that the machine would go out in a day or two. That was last week and I am still waiting for that call . I called back today and was told that it is somewhere over in shipping, the problem is that shipping does not take incoming calls and billing told me I have to talk to shipping! I got to talk to Marty again who said he would walk over and find out where it is , this is crazy, Marty if you are reading this I know that your a good guy but seem overwhelmed with what ever is going on over in that crazy place. I own six Minelab detectors and have been a strong supporter of there company for that last 25 years , but I think I have to start moving in another direction if this is what I can expect if another one of my detectors goes down! it's a shame because the machine there fixing , the one I may never see again found 132 gold rings last year! Mark

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