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Sent My Pin Pointer Back

Last summer I finally broke down bought a pin pointer. Deteknix Diver the one with Lime Green case. Went out the other day for first time this spring was actually detecting on area where city dumps snow. Anyway when I got home went to charge the pin pointer notice a small crack in the case. Called Deteknix and they told me that they had been seeing some of that. So I boxed it up last Monday sent it to them. Now I'm wondering what turn around might be on it, as person I talked to didn't really say. I didn't think to ask and they just said they would put it in new, different, improved case and send it back...I'm glad I seen the small crack and sent it for repair before I took it in the water again and flooded it or fried it. Which I'm sure it would have where it was cracked.
Anyone else have any experience with that issue?
For those that were wondering? the snow pile was mostly melted down to muddy mess. Very full of trash which they always are, but worse because they now blow the snow into trucks instead of using loaders. Lots of pop cans turned to shrapnel, electronics in pieces. Literally found my Two Cents worth in two beat up pennies. Found a hitch pin I can use and a nice stainless steel nut that would probably cost me 50 cents at hardware store.. Mostly lot of junk..
Ever quits raining long enough for the river to drop close to normal I'm itching to get in the water. Even thought water temp still just in low 50s here.


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