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A lot more people in this hobby that don't care and this is giving good folks a bad name. Funny story...well,it's not funny at all. So remember that hunter that showed up when you were here? Les said when he talked to him he was not filling his holes or picking up his trash. I'm paraphrasing but he told the guy that was a good practice to get into and his response was that the ocean would take care of the holes and trash!!!! Fast forward to Sunday I get to the beach and holes and trash next to many. I see a buddy coming north as I worked south. Filling our holes and his,picking up our trash and the other guys. Well next to one of the open holes up high is a dug zinc. I pick it up and under the coin is a target. I filled both holes after the picture but see if you can see what came out above the hole! Not a big piece of yellow but it felt good and serves that jerky right!!!

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