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Hey bud...
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You know me and what I hunt with. I have gotten remarks in the past too why I was using this machine and not another,why do I drag lines all over the place,why do I park in a driveway and drive on a parkway...okay the last one was me messing. Truth be told...this won't be popular to hear...many folks out there with detectors. Some fine hunters,some novice,and some just plain a-holes. There are some great machines too. Some are new and some have been around for years. Ok here it goes...nothing beats a good machine and a person who knows its full ability and their own full ability and oh yes conditions and understanding them. I would say that combo is very limited in this hobby. Not a swipe at any one person or any detector brand just what I've seen over the years.

Keep an eye out Donna...East wind the next 3 days. FYI-Project "Black Vault" continues here.HH,Harry

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