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Nick, Nice work. IMHO the most important find was not the 925 but ......... :hmmc :am
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most of us find silver. The most beautiful thing I see is that military ID tag! I could not read the tag to determine if it was legit but appears to be the real deal. A "Dog Tag" earned by an American patriot in basic training. Most have gone on to defend Life, Liberty and Happiness of civilians and preserve the American way. Of the three I have found over the years two were legit, the third was a fake. I also helped Butch in DE locate an owner as well. With God's will you will be able to track down this patriot and return this ID tag.

My Honor Roll returns of ID tags are chronicled in the Honor Roll pages. Good luck and I wish the best of luck in your effort to locate and return that ID tag, if you so choose too. The return feeling will be like none other and similar to the feeling of returning a gold ring to a fellow American. It is the American way. HH.

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