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Day 3 and some very unique stuff

It doesnt last long...the sand came rolling in and coins were few, maybe 25 including 2 silver dimes. However, found a few strange items.

First, I finally found some gold. I was digging one of the pennies, when I lifted the scoop from the hole, there was a gold chain hanging off the side. I never thought these fine gold chains could survive rolling in the surf. Also found a small 10k, gold St Christopher metal in the dry sand on the way to the cut. I think this was lost by a kid from the Easter egg hunt.

I wonder down to cut #2 and find a stack of nickels stuck together. Then I walk the top edge of the cut and find probably my oldest silver ring ever. It screamed at me and it was just laying on the top. Looks like it could have been an old turquoise stone but really beat now.

On the way home, I stop for dinner and hit the Coinstar machine. A 1920 wheatie and a 1943 zinc penny. Havent seen one of these in a very long time.

So ya never know. God will eventually reward you for your efforts.

My theory about no gold is that the place is loaded with tons of iron. A bed of nails and big pipes, etc. The high tones of the coins just pop out but the low conductive gold just gets masked by all the iron.

Thanks for everyone's kind words. It was a fun 2 days..


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