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On November 19th, 2016 Bill Gorden sent his Excaliber to Kellyco to be fixed and upgraded with...

a new pinpoint switch on the handle. A few days ago Bill got his detector back. The switch lasted less than two hours.
Lance Comfort, one of our club members offered to fix it. He posted earlier how the switch was junk.
Yesterday, one day shy of six months of waiting to use his machine, Bill and I drove out to Lance's house to pick up the machine. And I must say the Excalibur is now looking super!!
This is a pic of the splash resistant switch embedded in silicone caulking that Kellyco put in the handle. Cost: $150.

When Bill called Marty at Kellyco about the switch, hoping for a refund, Marty said that he should have sent it back in. Oh Really?? Would you have sent it back in and waited another six months??
Let's get away from all this negativity and do some "happy" pictures.
Lance on the left is adding some cable ties. :thumbs Nice Job!!!

And finally, Bill is testing the new switch and hoping to find a gold coin in Lance's yard. :) :)

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