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T Bone, Your on fire. Some scoops are :cns ..... the

Sunspot Stealth is an outstanding and well designed piece of equipment. I owned one and sold it to a great friend. Stainless steel with handle at the right angle. Great piece of equipment. Chuck created one of only two master pieces readily available on the market today. Stavr being my first choice due to the round nose while I am bobbing in the surf. Little safer for me and my equipment. To each his or her own.

The T-Rex is rock solid and depending on the digging conditions may be a better choice for you at this point. I have one you can use. I have been fortune to use and own six scoops over the years. I have kept four of them depending on the environment I will tackle. I have confided in others I trust on this forum on the wear and tear of scoops due to the abuse I have put my equipment through. No not one scoop is perfect for ALL conditions. The arsenal must be diverse.

I have Capt Tom S. as the perfect union welder for any of my scoops in need of repair. You are not the first person to bust a weld on a scoop. Chuck from Sunspot backs his products up 100 percent as long as a tire does not run over it. Even then I think Sunspot will back up the work.

I enjoy hearing about busted up SS scoops. Aluminum I expect to tear loose at some point in rough texture strata. I know I am not the only one it has happen too. Thanks CTS for getting me out of a bind over the years. T Bone GL bro! Your on fire right now.

One of these days we will see Beach Dude show a positive side of encouragement for the rest of the contributors to this site. It must be a Canadian thing but we will never know because DUDE does not even have a profile or say any positive comment for you T Bone or anyone on the site. Happy hunting.

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