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Yes, I sure did. And I shared the site with a friend in Pensacola.

A long time ago (Year or so) you sent me some articles you had written, I've still got them too. Thank you Casper, I've picked up one of your habits (helping a TH). Last Christmas a really good friend I worked with for 30+ years got his first detector. Yes, I convinced him that the CZ-21 was the way to go, so I called Felix and told him to see if he could fix my friend up with a nice, refurbished cz-21, and sure enough, last X-mas my buddy's wife got him the cz-21 (at a really good price.)So I've been coaching him in every way possible by pictures and text messages. As of right now he has found over 12 rings, and 3 of them are gold. I'm so proud of him! He's hooked for life. He also got the web site info you e-mailed me. Now all I have left to do is get him to stop hunting long enough to get on the Treasure Depot, and RD page. I enjoy helping him, and who knows, Maybe I'll get down there and hunt with him. So let me know if you get anywhere close to Pensacola, I'm sure he would welcome you to some water hunting also. Thanks again for the gloves, your company, and your knowledge you've shared. Hope your GF and you had a nice Easter, stay well and safe. CTS

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