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It's because they know that people will pay it. When I seen that they made the 30-30 for over 2 grand I had to scratch my head? OK here is a machine for over 2 grand and you can take it in the water up to 10 feet. This tells me it might leak at 3 ft. Many did. I have a CZ-21 that is good to 250 feet and cost half the amount and is a great machine. HMMMM could even buy two and have a back up. Those companies are selling thousands of machines each month and certainly can afford to hire good techs to fix things in a timely manner for a fair price. I think it is just like the car companies. A few years ago you could buy a nice truck for $30K, now they have decided if people will pay it let's charge them 50 - 70K. Let's all stop buying a while and see how fast the prices drop! Heck they even have a gold machine now that is 10 grand! I'll bet ya it don't cost anymore to make than any of the others!

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