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Minelab Motherboards....are you insane???

How is it possible for Donna to be told that a new motherboard would be $800 and Strobeone gets one for $210????
Now I don't know a motherboard from apple butter but I have taken out the board located in the Excalibur tube. Yes, in one way it looks impressive. All those little parts put together make the detector work. Oooooo, all those little parts.
The first Excalibur came out in 1993.
If I remember correctly, I bought my first Excalibur for $1000 (I don't remember when this was). The current model is $1500.
My first computer was a Gateway and it cost over $4000. Now, I can get a computer with 8000 times more power and speed for $300 (off lease). Your I phone has more computing power than NASA had when they sent the men to the moon in 1969. I digressed.
How is it even remotely possible that the Excalibur cost more now than in 1993????????
Oh, I'm sorry. The new tube has a new decal on it. I really like the decal. Really nice decal.
And yes, I'm impressed with all the marvels of technology and the beeping sounds that detectors make. But how is it possible when every single electronic gizmo has come down in price (unless they add more whizbangs to it) and the Minelab Excalibur keeps climbing in price?? The motherboards are made by robots going a zillion times faster than in 1993.
I'm confused, so so confused. :bonk :bonk

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