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You are one of many who care for their Excal. Then get :cns ........ I on the other hand..... :wall
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have beat the :cns out of my equipment because I use it for what it is made for ...... work. The work it takes in tough conditions just to find a sinker and maybe a Ring Daddy every now and then. I love it and my soon to be ex-wife would say that my machines brought more joy in my life then she did? That needs to be determined by the courts.

In the beginning I too handled my machines with kit gloves? Day after day I became more relaxed because I was out in the lane every reasonable minute on the low tide as I could. Year after year and time is short. I made great friends and did things with my machines that others dreamed of including myself. I didn't have time to rinse the machine off and put everything in my nice dry "man cave." The machine lived up to what the manufacture said it would do and then some. On the sand, in the surf and then the bay. Every now and then I jump in a fresh water river. My unit(s) are American made and a US corporation. The units have sat in the back of my (American made and a US corporation) 4X4 truck year round in the mid-Atlantic environment of the Northern Territory. Up and down the highway and a few hills, just never know when I will get to troll next.

Three years ago OBN gave me one of the those Minelab Excals. Awesome looking colors and a lot of great comments from users online when the machine is not sitting in the shop for repairs. OBN can and has completed all of his own repairs and made numerous repair videos. All in an effort to help Excal owners do their own repairs. OBN has done many repairs for our Gold Crew friends with Excals. Last time I checked OBN is not a repair shop and he wants to hunt like everyone else. He does the repairs when he can so detectorists can have their Excal up and running. Not sitting in a repair shop somewhere

OBN said, "Here Mark take the Excal and use it however you want for the summer." Thank you Joe I will think about it. I looked at the make-up, style, loop size and knob locations. I watched the videos of exotic warm beach locations and calm seas. I considered multiple factors in the Excals use. My best judgement was don't damage OBN's machine! I would not be able to find a competent repair shop except OBN. I was not going to hand back a damaged machine and say fix it, I will pay you.

At the end of that summer I had snapped off one upper and one lower of my units and witnessed my head phones reach a distance of a half a city block after being wiped out by rouge waves. Then my buddies that have the other "new" Minelab machine started complaining about water leakage in the battery compartment and broken screens, etc. Back to the repair shop those machines went. Respectfully to each man or woman the choice is their own choice. So mot it be. However, after what I have experienced with my machines over the years. The outstanding service and turn around time of this manufacturer of my equipment is bar none. Yep I have had to send my machines in for repairs because I use them like very few others. The repairs were minor and did not cost me my left :cns. Have I mentioned the manufacturer of my machines yet? No! To each his or her own but rest assured in a free capitalist economy, we all have choices. I want a dependable and quality work horse from an American corporation that backs up the machine with repairs if needed in a timely manner for my enjoyment and pleasure! If a company can not meet the standard, see ya. My money will go to a winner. Not whining and hoping the company's repair shop might come through in 3 or 6 months. :cns that.

Continue to keep me informed of faulty equipment and :cns service. You are absolutely right, always have a back up as I learned years ago. Regardless of the manufacturer. Good luck and I hope your machine returns timely and in working order. GL, Mark

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