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Another Minelab Update........

Minelab corporation advises that Kellyco in Winter Haven, Fla is the Regional repair facility.
I sent my detector to Kellyco in Florida.
9 weeks passed.

However, the repairman who called me and advised me of the repair costs was located in Aurora, Illinois
The next day, a rep from Kellyco (in Florida) called me and asked for my billing info.

Obviously, the customer sends his unit to Kellyco in Florida, but the actual repairs are being farmed
out to other places (which would explain a lot of the wait time). The repairman calls and gets permission
to repair. Then Kellyco calls you with the charges and your equipment is being sent to you from where the repairs
actually occurred. I'll check the package when it arrives and see if it comes from Illinois or Florida.

If this is true, then a lot of the wait time can be attributed to Kellyco sending the equipment to other
places that are probably contracted to perform the repairs. Obviously, Kellyco would wait till they got a lot
of repairs and then ship in bulk to each contractor.

Explains a lot!! I got my bill today and final was $343.65. He stated that Minelab has greatly reduced the cost
of the Mother Boards (a main source of problems) and therefore, repairs are much more reasonable. After all,
who wants to pay $1500 for the unit and then $800 to repair it??? So, my work was a new Mother Board and
all new seals. 1.5 hrs of labor. Worth it to me and again I have an Excal and a backup!! Life is good again!!

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