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Minelab update!!

Twice I have posted here about Minelab and on both occasions, Minelab responded within two days of my complaints
being voiced on the forum??? Perhaps this forum has more power than we knew??? Anyways, I posted on the 10th
that it had been 9 weeks since I sent my Excal in for repairs. Yesterday, they called and said the mother board is shot.
The repair bill will be $210 in parts and $150 labor. Called him back (after hours) and told him to go ahead and fix
it!! Now let's see how long it takes for them to get it done and sent back??

Also, after I posted on this forum on the 10th, I sent a complaint email to the company itself on the, here
it is the 12th and I have word that they're ready to fix it. Think there is a correlation there??

Actually, as long as they get it done.....not worth much broken!! I have a trip planned to Melbourne, Florida August
29th for two weeks, and really would love to have that unit (backup) by then!! There is still hope.......sorry to take
up the forum's time, but thought some of you might be interested in Minelab's repair process!!

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