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I do more than my fair share but...
In Response To: Plastic Pollution on Oahu ()

Im afraid its a never ending battle. I was an adopt-a-highway person years ago.
I removed and recycled 1,000 of bottles and cans. My Interstate exit ramp looked clean for about a day and then it slowly was all back again.

I now collect and recycle all the towels, sheets and blankets left behind on the beach. During the winter I collect all the bottle I can carry in my pouch. Thankfully many beaches have recycling containers.

Unfortunately its the 80/20 rule. There will always be someone there to remove trash. I use to be a telephone installer and worked in many homes.
If people dont care how they live, they certainly wont care about places they dont.

Now if they would only issue littering tickets on the beach, it maybe a bit cleaner. However, people would wouldnt visit !!!!

Just imagine if everyone picked up just one bottle or can !!!!

Stepping down from my soap box...


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