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Life is good. Rings #14 - #17

For 4 years I've been working to figure out a way to access today's spot. Last month I got the green light, but I also needed a southerly wind to make the most of it. Today I got the wind I needed, but unfortunately, some big storms came along with it. So, I was jumping out of my skin to work this spot all day, but ended up needing to cut it short after 2 hours of hunting. Once I started seeing the skies darken, I started digging only low tones. The end result was 4 gold rings, a gold pendant and bracelet, and two silvers. I pressed my luck to get to this spot ONCE, not sure I'll be able to get back...but I sure hope so because I know I left a lot behind.

Thanks for all the kind words everyone. Having been at this for almost 10 years now - I know how special this run is.

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