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First good ring of 2017 !

Went to SP today, to do some wet sand & water hunting. The wave's were pretty calm, for the most part. After digging some junk target's the first 2- 2 & a half hour's, found this tiny 10k band, just fit's my pinky. Marked 10k anyway.Tiniest ring i've found so far. For some reason , I found 8 double batteries in the water, sounded like big ring's of course. Large gold plated hoop ring, that lost it's gold. Found 2 large rusty nut's, hair pin's, nail's, 1 nickel, 1 new penny, 1 quarter in the dry, 4 lead sinker's. I only dug about 20-24 target's total in about 5 hr's. Hoping to find some heavy/ stone mounted ring's soon, alway's seem to find the light/thin ring's when their gold.

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