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Finally Back In The Water. Found Freddy In My Scoop! Ring Daddy #6

Got back to Naples late Wednesday night and awoke Thursday to high winds and rough seas for the gulf. Gave it a spin but just got knocked around and off targets and .83 cents was my take. Friday was even worse so stayed poolside and waited for the winds lay down over night. Today only had a couple hours to hunt after low tide and it paid off with a nice chunky 14K Frederick Goldman white gold band. Spent the afternoon driving across to Vero Beach where we'll be spending the next week with a lot detecting to do including a day at South Beach. Big shout out to OBN "Those Skullies Rock!". Never knew I was missing so many faints, just couldn't hear them with the tinnitus I have. Hope to have more gold in the Scoop this week. HH

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