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I got mine off
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ocean side beach that had an old wharf - have gotten early Indians there a few seated , shield nickel and a 2 cent piece - out in like 5 ft of water at low tide
I have heard of a few others that have on the bay side - Whydah I think has - think Eleanor has (don't know if you know her)
met a few others that have during winter months when there is sand movement over there
Ive never got any older coins on bay side but I rarely hit on that side - its more for the wet sand hunters (for those that don't know - tide goes out couple 100 yrds on that
side of the cape - many years ago I hunted there in the winter and hit a spot I was getting musket balls and flatbuttons but no coins
Congrats on your finds - keep it up !

2 I got

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