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A couple of good and interesting hunts. Silver Coins, Harbor Seal, Class ring, Shark Tooth and 18K gold teeth! Need ID on copper disc.

Been kinda behind on my beach hunting this year, I have been doing alot more relic hunting since Jan and the times I have ventured out haven't been that spectacular but yesterday's and one from a few days ago turned out pretty good!

I hit the Bay after some kicking winds a few days ago and been getting pretty much skunked but then I hit a couple of pockets higher up the slope and ended up with 9 silvers. 2 Washington's and 6 Mercury dimes. One of the dimes was a 1916 (which I missed) that my cousin-in law caught in the pictures i posted "D" mint mark.....maybe next time! No idea what the copper disc is. It's marked with the same info on both sides but not in the same spots. It says: "ATHLETIC" "APPLIED FOR" "PAT AUG 13, 1907" and an & or infinity symbol. Anyone have a clue on that one?

Hit the oceanfront yesterday and crapped out at the first stop and when I was near the pier I saw something on the beach and a few people standing around and when I got closer I saw it was a harbor seal. I was kinda surprised as you don't normally see them on out beach! I asked the people standing there (and taking selfies with their phones, one woman tried to touch it as I was approaching....moron...) I asked if anyone had called the VA Marine Science Museum's "Stranding Team" or VBPD animal control just to check and make sure all was ok? Blank stares......I guess phones are more for pictures and selfies then contacting the authorities to let them know an animal may be in distress! The woman who tried to touch it ended up making the call when I asked her (I didn't have mine on me at the time). I did a quick walk around the seal but didn't see any visual injuries. I walked back to the car, got my phone and made a follow up call and walked back out to the beach. Some one from the Stranding Team had come out while I was gone and believed it was ok, just a young male possibly recently on his own. Good to know.

I moved on down the beach and got my first hit here and it was a class ring from a local high school. Not gold but since it's class of 2018 I shouldn't have any issues tracking the young man down for a return. As I continued I met a couple on the beach with their young and somewhat unruly dog (pit bull) and told them they may want to keep their dog on the leash and away from the seal that was still there. I didn't wanna see either animal get hurt! Of course later on, after seeing Animal Control come and check on the seal, some woman who was there said the couple with the pit bull (more morons) had let their dog off the leash and it was running all around it barking and getting too close. When Animal Control got there they too control and told the dip**its to get their dog on the leash and away from the seal or get a citation. Glad they came out!

The gold teeth were a bit of surprise as I had been digging alot of little stuff. They are ugly as hell and look old but the gold holds at 18K and they are 6.1 grams so I'm good with that! Shark tooth was a bonus...just saw it laying on the beach! Bracelet was junk.

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