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My bank, BB and T, has a coin machine in the lobby...

and it takes my coins, quarters, nickels and dimes, all the time. Many of the coins I do not tumble. I tumble them if they have corrosion on them. If they are off color but don't have any corrosion I don't bother cleaning them. When I do clean them I fill the tumblers half full with coins, water, and ammonia and tumble for one hour. That's it.
If you have an account with the bank there is a small charge for using the coin machine but it is a lot less than Coinstar.
The coins that are rejected go back in my jar and I use them for laundry, and in my change. Rejects are usually foreign coins, bent coins, or thin, worn out coins.
The pennies go to the Grand Strand Treasure Hunters charity.

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