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My last few hunts.. a little gold, silver and my first shipwreck silver!

Two weekends ago..

Last Sunday.. First off, Creepiest find i have ever had happened this day. We all find crematory tags right? How about finding a crematory tag that is brand new followed by digging up the ashes that were literally just buried in the sand that day!! had it all over my coil and boots before i found the tag. Buried at the high tide line WTF! Couldn't they have spread it near the water at least. UGH! Covered it back up and went to the water to rinse off my scoop and boots. No photo taken of that one.. Anyhow.... Titanium ring has a silver inlay and was sitting on top of the sand at the high tide line. The silver toe ring and junk ring also at the high tide line. And for the first time ever. a 1775 1/2 reale from one of the many NJ shipwrecks! Woohoo!
Check out the before and after cleaning!

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