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Well...YTD gold and relics.

Been a tough year for our family's health. Have had a mother in the hospital since December 12th and when I got done work each day have had to take care of pop who has had a few strokes in recent years. Mom always did a lot of that so it has been hard to get out and detect. I know there are others here that have delt with the very same things. Add a beat up body into the mix and I'm just wore out. :(

I didn't want to end the year without posting my gold and shipwreck finds from 2016. The gold count mostly micro pieces ends at 85. The wreck stuff posted is what I have left after giving some pieces to friends and a donation to a maritime muesum. I'll end the post with that and wish all here a safe and Happy New Year...better yet a healthy one!!!!!!

85 gold 2016

Shipwreck relics. The spur is the only non wreck piece but a freshwater find.

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