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Boomyow!!! Thanks Mark!!! The Eagle has landed!!

I just got back from visiting my daughter in Charlotte and I had to swing by the Post Office...just in case something special showed up. And it had!!! Mark, what a wonderful prize to give away!!! I'm not sure if I will put the silver round in a bezel and wear it or put it in a holder and put it with my displayed items. Right now I'm leaning toward the bezel and's too beautiful not to show it off!!!
This coin is reminiscent of when America made stunning silver coins, with fantastic artwork; eagles and women with flowing robes!! I love it.

Everyday I open the forum to see what my friends have found. Most of you I have never met and yet we share a bit of our lives and our finds. And it goes deeper. This forum is blessed to have some super folks, folks that return lost items, and folks that share tips and the excitement of the hunt. Thanks Mark!! What a Gift!!
Sorry, my photos don't do justice to this coin....The coin is too shiny and I'm having problems getting the lighting right. Boomyow!!!

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