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end the year on good carma

got out Christmas day at low tide at the beach, did the dunes a bit before I hit the wet sand, the dry sand was frozen from the rain storm, was walking around when I got a pull tab signal and dug the pug in wet sand, when it came out I thought it was another bottle cap, it was about the same size plug I dug earlier, I pic it up and thumbed it and saw the gold , got home and cleaned it up, checked inside the class ring and the dude had his whole name in the ring, checked on line and found him and found out where he works, it's one street away from where I'll be working all week, so I'll box it up as a gift and leave it off at his work with a letter where I dug it, I won't leave my name because I did this before and gave it back to someone and they acused me of stealing it, so I just send them to their adress now, I think this is my 7 high school ring, when I dropped it off Tuesday, at his work, I asked them if he still worked there, they told me they couldn't give me that info, so I told the women, if I leave it here will he get it, she nodded her head, Happy New Year

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