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1830's Fort Finds

Went to a landowners propery next to my ex girlfriends dads property where an 1830s fort was. I have become friends with this landowner from hunting his property for the last 5 years. Well I told him I found what I think is a campsite on his property because of the amount of buttons, brick, oyster shells, pipe stems, glass etc. I have dug into while hunting there. Asked him if I could sift the area. about a 50 foot by 50 foot area. Gonna have to do it part at a time due to the size. Plus today it was hot as heck here in Florida at 86 degrees with no shade. So needless to say I could only handle about a 5 foot by 10 foot area then I was done. Plus I had to put the sod back down. Well I pulled up two Eagle A coats, a buckle, what I think is the top to a powder flask, lots of glass, oyster, brick, pipe pieces. So next week it will be cold here so I can handle that all day in the cold just not in the heat. I am having high hopes from this spot from what I have found in the past even a bust half dollar and what I found today. So I will hit it again next week and hope to have some more goodies to post.

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