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WOW, Dan. That is really interesting for a tag.
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My brother in law and I have found them 75 and 80 miles from Charleston. They have been reported in the upstate here. 200mi. Would be interesting to be able to "lift" a date. If it was near war years could be a "runaway". War year ?? souvenier??. if it's 1800 and low date could be someone who was take North for work and either escaped or lost badge. Several possibilities. Can you see anything on the back. If there is a backmark from the maker could put the date in a range, IE JJ Lafar stopped in 1828. I know you have used different lights and angles to work on the lettering. there is an interesting book "SLAVE BADGES AND THE SLAVE HIRE SYSTEM... by Harland Green and Harry Hutchins. I have a copy and there is a lot of info that could help. IE the years of square vs diamond shape. Measure Size. they also changed. If you have any specific questions, I would be willing to help If I have info. finding a Tag or Badge is really a GREAT find because it is associated with a person. But in this case the slave and owner. Finding one in New Jersey is crazy. however the agriculture in Jersey and shipping association from NY to Chucktown could connect the regions. Yes you have a mystery. . Also get the acid off to stop the corrosion. Congrats. Bryan

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