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Well Here It Is. For All Those Asking To Display My 1830's Fort Collection I Took Pictures Of Them

Well being it is going to be raining for the next 5 days here in Florida I figured I get all this stuff posted being I won't be doing much hunting. Ready to move further north to the Carolinas. All it does in Florida is rain and is hot. Anyway, this is about 90% of my finds. I did not take pictures of any black bottles. And I still have some loose finds from this past winter I had not got around to putting away. Also got alot of musketballs. About a 5 gallon bucket full. But this is the best of it. From coins, to buttons, to hat pins, numbers, letters. etc. The last pic is all buttons. Each case has 50 cups in them each display has one type of button example Artillery, Infantry, Great Coat Etc.

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