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good buttons only so many holes in a day

Hi Joe

Dang it just gets better and better , so glad to hear from you hope you are good and getting out dancing with your shovel!

Hunted a day with Ronnie Hyer and Mike King , just after Christmas or so ..... It was good to see both of them swing the coils, I spent more time just following Ronnie and laughing than I did serious detecting.
Ronnie is supposed to come back permanently next year and round up all the Land needless to say need to be on top of my game.. Got new 4 inch dreadge Keene and have spent a little time in the creeks and rivers in S.C . Around Charlotte most streams have color and suck up a stray gold ring once in a while SC purest gold in USA..... so retired and getting ready for water season in March.....we do hunt year round but" been lazy and jaded lately...
Dang Joe shoot me an email .....
Happy Trails

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