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The Deus does it again. Checked in with a property owner next to a fort site I hunt. I have not hunted his yard in a couple years. Irma flooded his house with the creek rising to 8 feet in his house. So he does not live there anymore and I have not been able to catch him due to that. Today I happen to be driving by and saw him in his yard. Touched basis with him and talked about the damage done. He saying him along with everybody else might have to tear their houses down and rebuild to county code. I then said I wanted to check his yard again with my new machine. He said have fun. So I have hunted this yard so hard with a F75, Nautilius, Tejon, Minelab. I pulled tons of buttons and other things from this yard. Fired up the Deus got in the iron and bam. After 5 hours I had two coat button, 3 cuffs, a buckle and some other object if anybody knows what it is. So again the Deus has proved itself again.

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