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Was going to go on a hunt on Saturday but when I got home on Friday I noticed my cat Murphy had hurt her back leg. She stayed in the house and slept for two days and on Sunday she was limping so I decided if she stayed in the house she would be OK and I could go detecting. I did have some good news on Friday I saw a box on my porch..It was my new Deep Tech Vista Gold Gain...I took it with me on Sunday for a hunt that has been a pain in the ass as far as finding any relics with all the iron in the ground. I was told that this town back in the day had a huge fire and most of the town burnt down. So I'm thinking maybe charcoal had impregnated the dirt and was masking the targets. I still don't know for sure what happened to the ground and it may be that there are a lot of square nails in the ground and I have found a lot when digging. I read that the 30Khz on the Vista Gain was intended to help this detector see through bad ground and at the same time it could find small silver coins as it has in the UK. I was getting all of the chatter of iron and very few targets that produced a higher tone that iron. I turned the gain almost all the way down and cranked the sen all the way up and managed to find these finds. The Vista Gain seemed to hunt better than my Impact did but also the ground was dryer from lack of too much rain.

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